ACCESSIBILITY:relevant regulations, Fermar will make reasonable efforts to ensure that it provides accessible customer service to people with various kinds of disabilites and respects the core principles on independences, dignity, integration and equal opportunity.


To ensure support for and compliance with the Accessibility of Ontearians with Disabilities Act, 2005(AODA) and

 To view our Accessible Customer Service Plan please click on oth link below

All documnets required by the Customer Service Standard are available in accessible formats, like large print if requested


When Facilities or services that people with disablities usually use to access Fermar's goods or services are temporarily  unavailable or if the goods or services are expected in the near future to be temporarily unavailable a notice of disruption of service will be posted.

Please click the link below for full details of any disruption of servics.


Fermar has established a process for receiving and responding to feedback regarding the manner in which it provides goods or services to persons with disabilites and shall make information about the process readily available to the public.

 Please click the link below for full details on how to provide feedback.


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