The Corporate Management of the Fermar Group of Companies is vitally interested in the occupational health and safety of all of its employees. In recognition and support of the corporate goal of providing a safe working environment, management is committed to the protection of employees from injury, occupational hazards, and occupational disease.
We encourage every employee to not only be concerned about their own occupational health and safety, but also to ensure healthy and safe work practices on the part of other employees and workers with whom you work. Occupational health and safety is everyone’s business. Ensuring full compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, will not only make our company a healthier and safe workplace, but also improve employee moral and encourage other good business practices.
The company values each and every employee and worker, and places their health and safety on the job as a present and ongoing priority in corporate decision making and day to day operations. The company seeks to encourage a co-operative attitude and approach to health and safety in the workplace by all persons. Maintaining effective communication and a proactive approach to health and safety will make all of our workplaces healthier, safer, and more enjoyable as we seek to serve our customers, clients and the public.