The Quality Control Department at Fermar manages the production and quality of the Asphalt Plant and monitors onsite quality for asphalt, concrete, granular, and earth. The Fermar QC lab allows Fermar to provide great quality products with consistency at a more competitive price due to the in house cost savings of their QC team. Our lab is a certified member of CCIL and capable of conducting a wide variety of tests.

The following tests are performed at the Quality Control Lab:

Asphalt Tests
• Marshall mix designs
• Superpave mix designs
• Stone Mastic Asphalt mix designs
• AC extraction
• Asphalt gradations
• Bulk relative density
• Maximum relative density Air voids
• Marshall compaction
• Superpave compaction
• Drain down test for SMA
• Percent Voids in mineral aggregates
• Percent Voids in coarse aggregates of the compacted mix
• Percent Voids in coarse aggregates in the dry rod condition Consensus properties

Aggregate Tests
• Crushed & uncrushed particles
• Flat & elongated particles
• Percent Asphalt coated particles
• Gradation
• Proctors
• Relative density in fine aggregates
• Relative density in coarse aggregates
• Percent Absorption
• Washed pass 75% sieve
• Unit weight
• Uncompacted voids in fine aggregates
• Uncompacted voids in coarse aggregate
• Sand equivalent

Earth Tests
• Proctor
• Moisture density relationship
• Moisture content

The following duties are performed by Quality Control field staff:
• Construction Activities Inspections
• Diary Records
• Payment Certificates
• Granular Sampling
• Earth Sampling
• Asphalt Sampling
• Core Extractions on Asphalt
• Core Extraction on Concrete
• Compaction Testing on Earth
• Compaction Testing on Granular
• Field Testing of Concrete